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Roli’s Autos was built in memory of the owner’s twin boys, Zachary and Alex, who passed away in 2009.  The twins had a vision of working in the automobile industry when they reached an age to be able to do so.  Taking after their father’s passion for anything that is motorized, it would be no surprise that there would be a vision from them.  After their passing, their father, Brian Rohloff, decided that building their dream was a way for him to heal.

Brian holds on to his boys beliefs that you help anyone that you can. Because of those wonderful beliefs, Brian has been able to help many people to drive off our lot when many thought that would never be an option. Brian and his family look for the good in everyone and that has not only made Brian and his wife and partner, Deanna, great business people but also wonderful human beings. 

We are here to provide. We also want to help get everyone on the road. No matter your credit or previous challenges, if you can make your payments, we can help get most people into a vehicle. Call and make an appointment to see our great selection of budget cars. With a down-payment and the ability to make payments, we should be able to get you financed or finance you in house.
Least and most importantly, the staff at Roli’s Auto, LLC., helps in the community in any and every way we can. Whether it is through car shows, fundraisers or helping out at the local soup kitchen, the staff at Roli’s are here for you.

So when things are looking down for you, remember that the Roli family is here to help improve things for you.